Hello My Name Is…

Introductions are something I struggle with.  Beyond “Hi, my name is Jessica” I never know what to say because every person wants to know something different especially in terms of a blog.  I could bore you with my favorite color, book, tv show and animal (which are cats…duh) but I won’t.  What I more than likely will do is share opinions, thoughts, and day to day life experiences in the most readable, relatable, and hopefully entertaining way possible.  So…
Hi!  My name is Jessica.  I am many things but currently my most rewarding and
important role is being a mom.  I stay home with our two girls so my days consist of a lot of “Why are they doing that AGAIN?” moments.  I am able to have these moments because of my nothing less than amazing husband, Justin.  We like him.  We also have 3 fur babies, 2 cats and a dog.  So our house is what you might call “busy.”

Aside from all that you can find me surviving off of caffeine almost always in the form of coffee or maybe wandering the aisles in Target but rarely alone instead accompanied by two tiny tyrants demanding to go to the toy aisle right now.  My talents include starting projects and not finishing them along with being a professional procrastinator but don’t you worry the things get done.  I like to think I’m a pretty simple person but really you would have to ask my husband, he may disagree.

Whatever reason you are here I’m glad you are.  I’m here to write and if you want to read, maybe laugh, or be inspired by a post (that would be awesome) you’ve hopefully come to the right place.  I started this really because writing was just something I liked to sit down and do, and frankly I have a lot of thoughts.  Should if become something more or really nothing at all, I’m ok with either.



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Happy reading!

– Jessica