2020: Quarantine Edition

It goes without saying that times are weird, uncertain and getting pretty scary. This is completely uncharted territory for many to be living this way and experiencing what we all are.  I have barely been watching the news, not because I don’t like being informed, but because there is so much information out there right now that it has become hard to digest.  It is hard not to be fearful as the virus spreads and continues to claim lives of many.  With everyones “normal” changing in a matter of days, and increasing in intensity in the past weeks, it is difficult to know how to navigate these times.  Maybe it just goes to show that there truly is no such thing as normal.

I have to say that I would much prefer this worldwide pandemic was not going on, however, I am really trying to find the silver lining in all of this and I see so many others are trying to do the same.  Just over 6 weeks ago we welcomed our 3rd child, Kallen, into the world and into our hearts.  I never anticipated that we would get this much time together as a family and really have a chance to bond with our newest addition.  I feel guilty about being glad to have this opportunity to be together as I know so many are still working through this mess; especially the medical professionals who are risking themselves to exposure every day.  Even while trying to maintain a positive outlook I am still terrified for my kiddos, especially our little guy, as his immune system is all so new and him still tiny! I would love for things to return back to what they were before and not have to question our safety every time we must go to the grocery store or run an essential errand.  It kills me to think of all the small businesses that may be ruined, lives being lost, the stress and emotional turmoil that is all consuming to some, job loss, and the financial burdens many are experiencing.  Another thing that is really tugging at my heart is mamas who are preparing to bring a new and precious life into this world and have the extra weight of worry this virus puts in place.  You imagine your birth and the days and weeks following such a miraculous life event for months, maybe even years depending on your story, and many feel helpless and like they are being stripped of such a momentous time.  I see you, hear you, and am thinking of you and praying for you.

There is little we can do but what we can do is relatively simple and has been laid out for us in the blandest and easiest of terms to understand: stay home.  If you are not deemed an essential employee, stay home.  With the exception of grocery store trips and other things like necessary doctor appointments and bank errands, stay home.  This is quite possibly one of the easiest tasks we will be asked to complete in some of the hardest times for many.


With all this at home time what are we even supposed to be doing? How do we keep busy and not go completely insane?  Outside of working hours (if you are now working from home) here are my suggestions on things to do based on what is going on in our own household and suggestions I have seen others make:

  • Get outside – weather permitting of course.
  • Read a book (or listen to one) – I am almost through my second one, have another one on the way and browsed my own bookshelf today for anything I haven’t read yet.
  • Rest –  Thats right, take a nap, heck take 2 naps if you can.  I believe resting our minds both for our emotional and physical well being would do us all a lot of good.  This is the only way I can completely shut my brain off in order to stop stressing over whatever is worrying me.
  • Binge a TV show – Yup, do it and do it guilt free. Tiger King on Netflix is all the rage right now…. Carole Baskin totally fed her former husband to a tiger, THAT we can all agree on.
  • Pray – if doing so is within your realm.
  • Organize – I haven’t really been able to do this one myself lately but go after that closet or area in your home thats been driving you nuts and you keep putting off taking care of.
  • Online shopping – WORST advice ever but everyone needs a little retail therapy now and then right?!  If anything just do some browsing to kill an hour or two.
  • Exercise – again, something that could be crucial for your mental, physical, and emotional well being!  Get going on that program you’ve been thinking about starting or maybe try something new you haven’t done before like yoga.
  • If we can all successfully manage to do our small parts we can hopefully slowly integrate ourselves back into life as it was before; sooner rather than later and with a new mindset and appreciation for things. If you do find yourself home and lost on what to do with your time I highly encourage you above all else to connect with your family in a way you maybe have not had the time or opportunity to do so before. Thank you to all medical personal and other workers deemed essential who are still reporting every day to their job posts and fighting the good fight.
  • Author: Jessica Omdalen

    Stay at home mom and wife with a passion for writing, loving my family, and just doing life!

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