Children’s pajamas make no sense (to me).

Yes.  You for sure read that title correctly.  This is me complaining about children’s pajamas….

With the warmer weather finally here my kiddos needed some new gear, in the form of sleepwear.  Going to Carter’s seemed like a semi no brainer as I was just looking for some simple cotton short sleeved pajamas.  I go in and their selection is limited, mostly in variety of print so I started digging.  Found sizes that would work but I wasn’t satisfied.  First of all none of these pajamas felt comfortable.  They were so stiff and just not soft.  I wouldn’t wear them, why would I put them on my children.  Problem 2 was the fact that a majority of their ‘summer’ pajamas came with a pair of pants, a pair of shorts, and 1 shirt.  I kind of get it.  You have options that way depending on the temperature.  Lets be honest though, kids equal laundry.  I need more than 1 pair of pajamas for them. Lets say I was to buy 3 sets of this 2 pants and 1 shirt nonsense… That means I have 6 pants options and 3 shirts. What?  Side eyeing the sh*t out of you Carters.

After my failed shopping attempt at Carter’s (FOR PAJAMAS…just pajamas) I left semi baffled but carried on.  Next stop Target.  You wouldn’t let me down would you Target?  Of course not.  So, here I go in Target straight to the kids section and locate the pajamas.  Thankfully more of a selection (and I did find some for both of my kids) but I see what look like Halloween costumes as other pajama options. That cannot be comfortable or warm.  If you are looking for a less expensive costume idea this fall head to Target now and look at the girls pajamas.  Kids pajamas are supposed to be flame retardant right?  I’m guessing this is the stiffness and non-softness I mentioned during my Carter’s trip.  Well….I’m pretty sure some of these pajamas are extra flammable based on what they are made out of alone.   If you haven’t read by blog before I have 2 toddler aged girls so we are totally in the world of sparkles, pink things, and princesses.  However, them going to bed looking like they just got done playing dress up isn’t on my agenda, though it could very well be on theirs! I even looked at the boys pajamas, I don’t want to say in desperation but that was slightly the case, they looked and felt so much better!  I wasn’t quite ready for a spiderman/batman epidemic in our household at the moment.

Don’t misread this and think that I must be above the average and normal shopping options because I’m so not.  I like to get a good deal but I’m also not going to completely sacrifice quality especially when it comes to my kids. This particular trip I drove home thinking a lot about how much time I spent looking for pajamas this day.  “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

If you dress your kids in any of the pajamas I listed above I don’t judge and it doesn’t bother me for a second.  I just know what myself and my girls like and couldn’t believe the difficulty I had finding what I wanted! Complete silliness.  I actually wasn’t going to write this post thinking no one is going to read my insane complaints about pajamas but my brain keeps thinking of it so here you are!



Author: Jessica Omdalen

Stay at home mom and wife with a passion for writing, loving my family, and just doing life!

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