Loving Yourself to Better Love Others

This post semi piggy backs off of my “Choosing Joy” post which I wrote many months ago but recently reposted.  Trying to remain positive and let my complaints be voiced in my own head and then forgotten about has been an immediate focus of mine lately.  I am still trying, and struggling, to let go of past experiences and memories that no longer serve me. Recently, I was asked “If you are having a bad day does it stay a bad day or can you come back from it?”  This really made me think and I realized I often let a bad day stay a bad day but I can choose to let the negativity fade away and choose to be positive.  It didn’t really seem obvious to me that I get to choose how I feel.  Some of you reading this may think “DUH!” but it really wasn’t apparent to me that I am in control of my day to day.  Sometimes the most simple questions make you think the biggest.  I often let my emotions and how I’m feeling decide life for me, which isn’t alway a bad thing, but in terms of negativity it wasn’t a good thing.   045bd73febc84fadfd48ac80ae850a42

Last week it was my birthday.  My husband gifted me one of my favorite gifts to date, a raindrop massage.  You are maybe wondering ‘what the heck is a raindrop?’  I have little knowledge on it but it is an essential oil based massage and something about it really woke me up and affected me in the best way possible. I think I need these monthly and highly recommend them!  I also took an Aroma Yoga class a few days later, so again essential oil based, and it was just plain and simple amazing. (You might be gathering that essential oils are my thing and they are really beginning to touch on many aspects in my life that maybe need a little ‘home improvement.’)   The focus of the aroma yoga class was being your true self.  We all need to have the ability to be best selves.  All too often I, and I believe others, focus on the negative and it can and will completely consume us.  We forget about our purpose and why we are doing what we do.  If you are like me you might take the negative things you hold onto out on others closest to you or silently sit in your own bitterness unwilling to let it go.  It is a seriously toxic cycle and can be very difficult to get out of but the thing that will snap you back to reality the quickest is awareness.  At the aroma yoga class a sheet was handed out with some information on the oils being used along with a few graphics.  One that stuck out the most to me was 7 Things to Let Go Of.  It stuck out to me because I am guilty Every. Single. Day. of allowing them to pick away and me and break me down.  So let me share…

7 Things to Let Go Of:

– Negative Self-Talk

– Things You Can’t Control

– Complaining

– Your Past Mistakes

– The Need to Impress Others

– Fear of Change

– The Opinions of Others

I have noticed a shift in things I choose to do with the goal of positivity in mind.  For example, last summer I gathered a collection of books and made it my summer reading list.  All of the books were fiction, which is fine, any reading is good reading in my opinion.  As of now I have collected another group of books but not a single one is fiction.  They are all ‘self help’ books for lack of a better explanation.  I crave material that will make me think and possibly change my perspective for the better.  I have also found myself praying more, for myself, for my kids, for my relationship with my husband, for our family, and just for guidance in general.

After all of that I haven’t exactly touched on the title of what I felt fitting for this post and something that has been cycling around in my head.  As I have said in others posts, especially those relating to parenting, you have to take care of yourself before you can be there for everyone else.  Recently, though I realized it is more than taking care of yourself, you HAVE to love yourself, who you are, and what your purpose it.  You get to choose to do all of those things and isn’t that seriously wonderful.


Author: Jessica Omdalen

Stay at home mom and wife with a passion for writing, loving my family, and just doing life!

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