Embracing the Mess

Today (and probably tomorrow) I’m letting my house be a mess.  As a stay at home mom I really try to stay on top of things but its not always possibly.  This isn’t the first day my house looks like it got turned upside down and it won’t be the last.  With Justin having more work demands and less time at home I’ve been “on my own” a little more.  Of course I am never without some sort of emergency back up, but ultimately sun up to sun down its me.

So today I decided I’m not cleaning a single thing.  I’m not even going to change my kids diapers… Joking!  I’m joking.  They might be the cleanest things in the house right now.  Laundry is still being done as are the dishes, because those are 2 things that I can’t neglect EVER, as much as I would like to.  The laundry I’m folding though might not get put away immediately and the last load I put into the dryer may sit in there until tomorrow.  Thats fine.

My floors can be swept tomorrow and vacuumed another day and what isn’t essential can wait for the rest of today.  I am 100% human and I can’t do everything.  No one can.  My whole point in this entire post is that you need to cut yourself some slack.  Regardless of how many hats you wear and what they specifically represent life is just busy.  I’m normally a little OCD about cleanliness and organization in our house and all too often I get way bent out of shape because something isn’t getting picked up fast enough.  You can often find me running (almost literally) around our house trying to keep up with the mess the kids are making and doing all the other things needing to be done.  Today I’m embracing the mess.  I’m letting my house be a home thats lived in.

So, cut yourself some slack friends.  Just a fast and hard reminder you can’t do it all even though you really want to.  Don’t wear yourself down trying to knock out that mile long to do list.  Take a rest and enjoy your kids a few hours longer, read a good book, or watch that show you’ve been dying to start or catch-up on.




Author: Jessica Omdalen

Stay at home mom and wife with a passion for writing, loving my family, and just doing life!

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