Taking Time for YOU

You know those days that bring you to your knees and you just say “I quit. I’m done.” Well, being a parent you are probably going to have them often, sometimes even multiple days in a row. Its a hard pill to swallow yet you still love those tiny people at the end of the day regardless of how many hairs they have made you want to rip out of your head. I’m sorry if actual hair was lost in your case and it no longer is a metaphor.

Just yesterday I sent a text to my husband telling him I wasn’t sure if I could do it anymore. “It” being a stay at home mom. This is a tough gig you guys. I know there are SO many mom’s that would love to stay home with their kids and may be reading this thinking “are you serious right now? You are complaining about getting the opportunity to stay at home and be with your kids all day long?” Actually, yes I am, because its hard! As a matter of fact I may envy you for getting to go to work all day and have adult conversations, unless you work with kids, then I don’t know how I feel about your job. Bless your heart though.

As a parent, regardless of if you work in the home or outside the home, you must (YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST) remember to take time for yourself. Advice I need to adhere to. It’s tricky… do I stay up past the kids bedtime and read a book, watch a movie, take a relaxing bath, or do I head to bed and get the sleep I so desperately need. Sleep typically wins but that doesn’t get me the time I need away from my children and doing something I enjoy. I am a much better mom when I have alone time or time with just my husband. I am also a better wife, a better daughter, and a better friend. When I am stuck at home all day, multiple days in a row for various reasons, the truth is I become a cranky resentful person. I give up. I just want something for myself and then nothing can calm the impatience I feel for wanting just 10 uninterrupted minutes to myself.

So moms, and dads, do what you have to do to be 100% because your kids deserve that and so does your spouse, and most importantly YOU deserve that. I could go on and on about all the reasons why its important for you to have alone time but I know there are a lot of posts floating around out there on this topic and I have a feeling you know what you personally enjoy and all the things you want to do during said time away from kids. I could also go on to share with you all the things I want to do but I won’t. Pick up that book you bought 3 years ago (seriously I just did that) and start reading! Go treat yourself to something warming like a new plant or a coffee treat from your favorite coffee shop. Just do something for you so you can love the heck out of your kids and everyone who loves you. It doesn’t have to be a week long trip, though maybe it should be, but just a few hours to yourself once or twice a week to bring you back to earth.

(Originally posted April 25th, 2017)


(Photo by Dalayna McKnight Photography – Our Home)

Author: Jessica Omdalen

Stay at home mom and wife with a passion for writing, loving my family, and just doing life!

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