I make no promises on the fluidity of this one because kids are complete craziness.  I mean that in the most loving way possible.  First of all they are amazing and have opened me up to a love I did not know even existed.  It’s such a fierce and real love.   I really don’t even know where to begin…
  So you bring this tiny person home from the hospital and then what? I couldn’t even tell you what, even the second time I was unsure of what my days were going to entail. Days go by and your thinking “Ok where is the sleep? Sleep hasn’t happened yet… there is supposed to be sleep right?” No sorry.  No sleep for you (mom).  Welcome to motherhood!  You go into this thing worn out.  It gets better though, at least this is what I hear.  (Please don’t be scared, you somehow just figure it out and coffee will see you through the tough days, and really I mean all the days.)
  Currently I have an almost 2.5 year old who is one of the most stubborn and demanding people I have met to date. The milk must be in the purple sippy cup (but don’t get comfortable with the purple cup, in the next few minutes maybe you need a pink cup) because putting it in the blue one is a travesty, plain and simple. We actually cry over spilled milk in this household so forget the saying, consider it gone.  What else?  Car rides… now those are fun!  Just a few days ago I changed our youngests diaper in the parking lot of the gas station on the floor of our car.  Why in the parking lot you ask?  It was way easier bending in the most awkward way to change a poopy diaper than it was to haul two kids into a gas station bathroom.  Also, let me add, we had only left the house 3 minutes prior.  Just making some memories right?
  My days are far from glamorous but thats ok, I’ve come to appreciate it.  I clean up the same mess 2-5 times a day, or more depending on what it is.  Laundry never ends.  PLEASE could everyone just stop wearing clothes already???  Joking…. but seriously. Dishes are the same story.  I could go on but I think you probably get it, especially those who already are moms.
  There really is just so much to be said for becoming a mom (dads too), which is why I wanted a blog.  It’s a way to get it all out there and maybe it will give someone the relief to know they aren’t alone in trenches of motherhood/parenthood.  I have so many good stories to share, and not just about my kids and how cute they are (because come on they are adorable) but what I have learned so far on this journey and how much farther I have yet to go.  I think ‘mom’ stories just may consume the entirety of this blog but that is so my life right now and I embrace it.  It’s hard but I’m doing it!  I really could go on and on for pages about different aspects of life that have changed after having children, stories both funny and sad, and just some general (take it or leave it) advice so like I said plenty of writing material.
(Originally posted March 2nd, 2017)

Author: Jessica Omdalen

Stay at home mom and wife with a passion for writing, loving my family, and just doing life!

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